Craft Beers

Our Mission

We carve our own path at WestCraft California and are redefining the beverage industry. Our ethos, much like our spirits, is bold, daring, and unapologetically Californian. Born in venice beach among friends and a lifestyle of freedom, our brant goes beyond sharing drinks with good friends. We're flipping the script on the social challenges that gnaw at the golden state - homelessness and addiction. We see them, we acknowledge them, and we're here to do something fix the issue.

We're driven by the gut-wrenching contrast of the LA we love - a paradise of waves and concrete, scarred by the shadows of the overlooked crises. We want our city of angels back the way it was. We aim to provide a safe space to crash, and the resources to fight personal problems. A portion of every WestCraft bottle sold fuels this mission, pushing forward our commitment to those struggling on the streets and battling addiction. We're standing tall with local non-profits and grassroots organizations who grind daily against these issues, offering them our rebellious spirit and unwavering support.

We're raising awareness, rallying resources, and instigating change. Our fight? A more inclusive, safer, and empathetic Los Angeles, we're not just about crafting world-class beverages, we're about crafting change in the beautiful costal paradise of California.

20% Of Our Profits Go To Homelessness
2 Million Donated To Shelters
We Help Individuals Transition Off The Streets
1500 Individuals Saved
Counseling and rehabilitation sessions to empower individuals to break free from addiction.
5,000 Counselling Sessions Provided

Our values

We understand the transformative power of knowledge, championing transparency and openness as we strive to effect change. We approach our craft and our mission with the humility of lifelong learners, fueled by curiosity and resilience. Our culture is steeped in support and empathy, as we stand shoulder to shoulder with our community and those we aim to uplift. We see responsibility not as a burden but as an honor, willingly embracing our role as agents of change. Recognizing the rhythm of life, we value the harmony between intensity and downtime, savoring those moments of reprieve that renew our spirits. And at our core, we are community builders, weaving a tapestry of diverse voices and shared passions. These are the guiding principles that shape our journey - a relentless pursuit of quality, impact, and camaraderie.

Building community
We believe in cultivating relationships that inspire and support. From our team members to our customers, from local nonprofits to individuals battling homelessness and addiction, we strive to foster a sense of belonging and unity. We are dedicated to creating a vibrant, diverse, and compassionate community, where each voice matters and every member contributes to our collective impact.
Share knowledge and experience
At WestCraft, we believe that knowledge is a catalyst for change. Our approach is rooted in open-hearted transparency, inviting everyone to learn about our craft, our mission, and our shared responsibility. We strive to illuminate the realities of homelessness and addiction, to spark conversations, and to empower our community with the knowledge to make a difference.
Always learning
We at WestCraft are perpetual students, forever riding the wave of discovery. We recognize that mastery is an ongoing journey, whether it's in perfecting our craft, understanding complex social issues, or exploring innovative ways to create impact. Our thirst for knowledge keeps us agile, inventive, and always ready to adapt in our quest for solutions. Our humility in learning fuels our audacity in action.
Be supportive
our spirit of support goes far beyond our team—it extends to our community, our customers, and those we aim to help. We are dedicated to building a culture of empathy, where understanding and kindness are our cornerstones. We stand alongside those battling homelessness and addiction, offering not only resources but also unwavering encouragement and hope. We strive to uplift each other, because we know that every wave we ride, we ride together.
Take responsibility
There lies an unwavering commitment to own our actions and their impact. We recognize that we are not just creators of premium spirits, but stewards of our community. This translates into a keen sense of responsibility towards the societal issues we confront. We don't just voice concerns, we act on them, dedicating our resources and efforts to effect tangible change. For us, taking responsibility means being a part of the solution, leading with action, and inspiring others to do the same.
Enjoy downtime
we understand that the most compelling ideas often come in moments of rest. We celebrate downtime, cherishing it as a source of inspiration, balance, and rejuvenation. Whether we're catching a wave, cruising on a skateboard, or simply savoring the taste of our carefully crafted spirits, we recognize the importance of taking a step back to recharge. We are advocates of work-life balance, knowing that our mission is a marathon, not a sprint, and that enjoying downtime fuels our rebellious spirit and sustains our journey towards change.


Our articles span the breadth of our journey, from the intricacies of our craft to the heart of our mission. Here, you'll dive into our learnings, triumphs, challenges, and the people who make it all possible. So, whether you're seeking insights into our distilling process, the stories behind our community initiatives, or just looking for a dose of inspiration, you're in the right place. Let's embark on this journey together, one article at a time. Welcome to the WestCraft narrative.